How to Keep Up with Your Health Goals When Life Gets Chaotic

Every person has to go through times when they feel like everything is all over the place and are constantly trying to handle many things simultaneously. We work very hard and try various ways to set a work routine, but unexpected situations like sudden workloads and family responsibilities start to mess up our routine.

In such times, we often start to overlook our health and miss out on workout sessions, or we start indulging in easy foods like junk. This not only affects our physical health, but we lose our mental health as well. What we need to do here is try ways to keep our health game on track and balance the work-life routine. Here are a few tips that can help you:

Plan for Chaos

Life has a way of taking unexpected turns in the most crazy ways. You plan yourself a goal, but life takes you back to ground zero by messing up things for you; these issues can be personal, professional, or societal. But, amid all this chaos, how can you keep going despite all odds? You need to have a contingency plan ready for such situations whenever you plan a goal.

Let’s say you want to get fit and lose those extra inches in 2 months; you have set yourself a goal that you want to stick to at any cost. Although it is easy to develop a routine when all is well in life, you can get up early and go for that run, do yoga, or hit the gym. However, it gets tough to follow this routine when you have to work for longer hours in a hectic work schedule.

Instead of finding excuses to delay your goal, plan your schedule in a way that you don’t have to miss out on either your health or your work.

Reduce the Scope but Stick to the Schedule

But how can you stick to your goals if you have to go through a health problem? Unexpected illness can be a major setback in such times. In this case, you could try reducing. The scope of your goal, not missing the intent but trying to stick to your work routine.

For example, you have an important client visiting your office in 2 days, and you have been working on the project for over a month, and now, due to sudden health issues, you can’t attend the meeting. What will you do in this case?

You could send an email to your clients or make a video call updating them on your health, give them little insights on the project that keep them interested in the meeting, and reschedule the meeting after a week. Instead of simply telling them you have to postpone the meeting, you give them a reason to stay connected to your idea and ask for time to pitch it.

By using this technique, you demonstrate the ability to stick to the schedule even under less-than-favorable circumstances.

Follow The If-Then Technique

Another way to handle your chaotic life is using the “If-Then Technique,” as it is a great method to prepare for chaos and stay on track with your goals, even when things get hectic. Why does it work so well? Because it prompts you to create a plan to stick to your schedule while adjusting the scope before any unexpected situations arise.

All you need to do is complete this sentence: “If [something unexpected happens], then [your response].”

For example;

  • If I cannot wake up in the morning for my run, I will make sure I go for the run in the evening after I finish my office.
  • If I can’t go to the gym in the morning, then I’ll take I will go for a walk after my dinner.
  • If I buy a lot of unhealthy food, I will start cooking a nutritious dinner every day.

The If-Then Technique encourages you to think about the unpredictable events that often come up in our daily lives. This means you’ll have fewer excuses for not taking action and more ways to stay committed to your goals.

Where to Go From Here

Having a busy day, facing unexpected delays, getting sick, or traveling for work are some of the situations that often make it hard for many people to stick to their goals. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you decide to prepare for chaos and apply The If-Then Technique to figure out how you can “adjust your plans but still stick to the schedule,” then you can discover ways to stay focused even when your day doesn’t go as planned. When you can’t manage everything, focus on doing something small.