Breaking Bad Workplace Habits In 2023: 3 Changes To Make

When you plan to start a new business, there are many chances that you will pick all the habits that will make you unhealthy. When you start your new business, most of your time will be spent on making spreadsheets or presentations and having a lot of meetings. While doing all this, you might overlook staying active, exercising or cooking, and having healthy meals.

When you are in the process of building your new business, adapting to a healthier lifestyle might overwhelm you. However, taking small steps toward a healthy you and changing your daily routine can really make a difference in how you feel overall.

Well, there are five bad habits that you should stop doing at work in 2023, and by adapting these ways, you can start improving your health.

Avoid Sitting All Day

As an entrepreneur, you will be spending a lot of time sitting while doing work. When you spend most of your time sitting, it can lead to a lot of problems like back pain, you might gain weight, and it could also create some serious health issues like diabetes and heart disease. Research has shown that sitting more than required can increase the risk of death from various causes, including cancer and heart disease. However, many prefer to work out on a daily basis when they are aware of their routine. Even if you exercise regularly, it might not fully compensate for the negative effects of sitting for long.

If you want to improve your well-being and don’t wish to fall into this category, make use of standing desks while working and take out time to stretch your body for a few minutes every hour. You can also set an alarm to remind you to get up if you feel you might forget to do this exercise. If you know that you will be sitting for long periods, you must consider using devices that gently vibrate your body to remind you to sit with better posture.

Eating While Sitting On Your Desk

Many people prefer eating their lunch at their desks or often skip their breaks altogether, this can lead to less interaction with your coworkers missing on social networking.

Being socially isolated at work can affect your health and how much growth you make at work. Many studies have shown that when you maintain good relationships with others, it not only affects your mental health but also your physical health and how likely you are to get sick. People who create strong social connections create better chances of living longer for you.

When you go through the loneliness phase of your life, you unintentionally weaken your immune system, which as a result, causes inflammation, it can also lead to problems like heart disease and many other long-term health issues.

What can you do to overcome this? Try not to eat alone at your desk, use your lunchtime as a chance to connect with your friends and coworkers. Even when you’re busy, you could suggest a working lunch where you get things done while you eat. This is a way where you can take a break and socialize.

Mindless Snacking

When you are stressed, you often don’t pay much attention to what you’re eating. Researchers have found that people often choose unhealthy foods like chocolate cake or junk snacks while dealing with a challenging memory task instead of eating healthy foods like fruits and nuts. This could be because their brains are tired from all the overthinking.

Sometimes stress can make people reach out for unhealthy “convenient” snacks because they are convenient. Such snacks are definitely not good for your health and can eventually cause more health problems. When your body is stressed, it is actually not ready to digest food properly, so eating junk food when you are stressed can lead to stomach issues like gas, bloating, pain, and constipation.

The next time you are tempted to a snack, try to take a deep breath and slow yourself down. Consider drinking some water first because sometimes, when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually feeling thirsty. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead, so make a schedule of what you will be eating when you work, this helps you in keeping your healthy snacks ready. If you enjoy these snacks while you’re working, you might feel more energetic and eat less junk food.