How Company Culture and Motivation Are Interconnected

As an employer, do you know if your employees are motivated enough to work efficiently? Do you know what it takes to keep them motivated at work?

If you are under the impression that your employees will just work efficiently without any motivation based on sheer luck, you are mistaken. Well, there is a difference between great team-working and how well a company’s culture correlates with its employee’s motivation. Let us talk about it at length:

Understand the Motivation at Work

What organizations need to figure out is, what drives their employees to work, and what it takes to keep them motivated. Yes, it is an ongoing process and not just a one-time event. Firstly, you need to figure out what reasons drive them to work and what pushes them to give their best. For some, their reason could be just getting paid on time, getting up the ladder, and foreseeing a future in your company. Think about your reasons why you go to work every day. Are your reasons similar to the ones of your coworkers? Understanding these things might help you make your office a better place for your workers.

Different Ways People Feel Motivated

When you feel motivated from the inside, it’s called intrinsic motivation, which means all the joy you feel when you accomplish something. For instance, when you help people while doing some volunteer work.

The other one is extrinsic motivation, which happens when you do something for a physical reward like money or a promotion. We have seen people saying that all they work for is the paycheck, but the studies say otherwise. What, in reality, drives people is getting recognized for their work, getting more responsibility, and growing their professional careers. Yes, money is not the only factor. All these things keep them motivated to keep doing their jobs.

This is Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory, now let’s see how this theory helps you:

Matching Roles to Strengths

To make this happen, first, you need to identify the strengths of every employee, once you have done that successfully, you must ensure that every team member is positioned in the proper role where their skills can outshine. This will keep their motivation high, and eventually, they will be able to perform their best because they will be doing something they are good at, resulting in rewards they’d deserve.

Opening Paths of Success

Whenever there is a new opening in the office, we start looking for suitable candidates. What we must do instead is attract our top talent within the organization and offer them the chances for growth and advancements, and retain them for longer periods of time. Clearly defined career opportunities within the organization can be a strong incentive for employees to excel.

Invest in Training and Development

This is another way of retaining people. Assign your employees to a strong training program to upskill them, and these training programs will support both personal and professional growth. When team members have excelled in their learning programs, they’re more likely to excel and contribute positively.

Grant Empowerment

You need to start entrusting your employees with new tasks that show commitment and responsibility. This autonomy will fosters pride in their work and boost their motivation to complete their project with outstanding skills. This will help you build a team that will believe in your vision and enjoy working for you.