Level Up Your Productivity For A Successful 2023 With These Hacks

Work-from-home culture has changed the work trend in recent years. Home is where you have many distractions like television, kitchen, phone, and pets. All these distractions make you less productive and throw in major hurdles toward those unfinished deadlines. But there is always a way out, these hacks can help you make your day productive and help you reach your targets whether you work from home or office.

Have Your Breakfast Every Day

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day as it provides you with all the necessary nutrients required by your body. If you miss this meal, you will feel tired and find it hard to concentrate on your work. As per Harvard Business Review, what we eat impacts our ability to think and make choices. Psychologist Ron Friedman says that food is converted into glucose that works as fuel to our brain, keeping it alert. This is why it is hard to concentrate at work if you are empty stomach.

Exercise Every Morning

A daily workout is another effective way to increase your body’s productivity. Just a 30-minute exercise regime can keep your body energized for an entire day. Engaging in any form of physical activity in the morning sends additional oxygen to your lungs and heart, strengthening your cardiovascular system and increasing your body’s stamina. Try not to workout excessively and exert your body, as it may leave you feeling tired all day. Exercise for atleast 30 minutes every day to keep your body working efficiently.

Try Free-Writing

Free writing does not necessarily require you to be a writer. Writing your thoughts freely before going to bed releases your stress and could also make you more creative. Take out at least 30 minutes daily to express your mind without worrying about the quality of your writing. Penning down your mind also increases your skills in speaking to people and gives you confidence when speaking to strangers while putting your thoughts across.

Plan Your Day Ahead

To make your day the most productive, always plan your daily activities in advance. People waste a lot of their time planning their next move once they complete a task, which is why they don’t stay focused. Use a daily planner to schedule your day ahead so that you do not your waste productive time, it will also help you stay focused and efficient in your work. Assign timelines to your tasks by prioritizing the most to least important. Use a diary or your phone’s notes application to make a to-do list before you go to bed.

Breaks Are Important

It’s a common practice of forgetting to go on a break while being stuck at work. What people tend to ignore is that taking regular intervals in your work gives you time to relax. When you take your breaks on time, your body releases stress, and you feel more focused when you resume your work, it also increases your productivity. To feel refreshed after your break, you should take a walk, eat or talk to your friends.

Learn To Say “No”

There can be many distractions, whether you are working from home or in your office. These distractions can be a person, a colleague, or a last-minute task. You must learn to identify which task needs to be delegated, looked upon, or ignored and to say no when you encounter such a situation while at work. Another effective strategy to tackle such distractions is to get the help of a planner so that you may not attend an unimportant meeting or deal with an unwanted task, you could also share your to-do list with your coworkers.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

Since we have been discussing about the work-from-home culture and its distractions, we should also know the importance of creating a dedicated workspace. When you mix your home comfort with your workplace, you reduce your productivity. You should always consider a quiet corner of your home where you have the least possible distraction. It could be a library or a separate room with no television around, never choose your bedroom to set up your workstation. Once your day is over and you leave your workspace, you should have a feeling that you have entered the place of your comfort.