How Company Culture and Motivation Are Interconnected

As an employer, do you know if your employees are motivated enough to work efficiently? Do you know what it takes to keep them motivated at work? If you are under the impression that your employees will just work efficiently without any motivation based on sheer luck, you are mistaken. Well, there is a difference … Read more

Proven Techniques To Inspire Employee Motivation

A leader’s motivational skills play an important role in the job performance of an employee, as sustaining employees who are top performers and consistent in their work has become challenging over the years. It is a leader’s job to identify an employee who needs encouragement and appreciation for a job well done, and failing to … Read more

Be Positive at Work: Why and How

Positive thinking means having good thoughts. It can make your work life better. When you think positively at work, you might feel more excited and do better when working with your colleagues. In this piece, we talk about how positive thinking can help you at work, how to begin thinking in a positive way, and … Read more

6 Ways People Get Inspired at Work

Motivation is really important in the workplace. It gives employees energy, helps them progress, and encourages teams to do well. To use motivation fully at work, it’s important to know the different ways people get motivated and how they work in a professional setting. In the workplace, there are many ways to get motivated. What … Read more

5 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Often Make in Leadership

When you begin a journey as an entrepreneur, there are many challenges that you have to face; these challenges increase when you have to handle a team. However, if you start identifying these issues in the beginning, you have a great chance of becoming a better leader for your team. Let’s discuss five such challenges … Read more

3 Ways to Communicate Bad News

Every company has to go through some rough patches. When they do, they sometimes have to convey bad news for various reasons. People often make mistakes telling the not-so-good news in a way that they end up offending the receiver or making them overly worried. Towards the end of every financial year, companies go through … Read more