7 Reasons Business Leaders Should Learn the Art of Public Speaking

Many people avoid participating in public speaking; it could be because of less confidence, maybe they get nervous as soon as they step on the stage, or they simply don’t like it. However, you can’t skip this part of your life if you are a business leader. If you want to be a good leader, … Read more

3 Ways to Communicate Bad News

Every company has to go through some rough patches. When they do, they sometimes have to convey bad news for various reasons. People often make mistakes telling the not-so-good news in a way that they end up offending the receiver or making them overly worried. Towards the end of every financial year, companies go through … Read more

Success Tips Through Active Communication

Today’s young generation needs to learn one thing from their previous generations the art of active communication, as the very idea of active communication isn’t something new; it actually values more than active listening. What you say, how you say it, and why you say it are all equally important. What the younger generation lacks … Read more

Developing Effective Communication Skills In Remote Team Settings

When you work in a remote work setup, it brings a lot of challenges in handling teams and creates a communication gap that creates misunderstanding. Having good communication skills and using them correctly are two different things. If the issues and concerns are not appropriately conveyed, it affects the productivity of your employees in both … Read more